money ponyIf you find that you can use some of these posts for your own personal transformation and in sessions with your groups or clients, hooray!

Because of the virtual nature of this medium a great way to create this exchange might be for every post you find useful perhaps you will donate a small amount to my PayPal account. But only if you want to!

Below could be a suggested mini-donation amount:

  • 99¢ for any individual post you participate with
  • or 99¢ per person to accommodate group use

You can donate via PayPal right here. This link takes you to a donate page it’s not a final commitment at all.
( )
YOU get to fill in whatever amount you like.

You do NOT have to donate to participate! If you can – great! If not, it’s just counted as a happy gift from me to you.

  • I do NOT keep track.
  • There’s no hidden visitor log.
  • I never know who’s been here or what they’ve printed if anything.

We’re on the honor system here and let me tell you it is an honor to be of service!

Thank you!

Coming Spring 2011 – a Book of Fifty Animal Assisted Inspirations!

All text and images throughout this blog ©Marti Mcginnis on date posted.


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