Fox Seeking


Around where I live they do this thing on horseback called fox hunting. Basically they talk a loud batch of spotted dogs into running over hill and dale baying as they dash after the scent of a fox and the people follow at breakneck speeds on willing horses.

The whole thing is nuts. Back in the day when lots of folks relied on their flocks of chickens for day to day sustenance foxes (Vulpes vulpes) became villains due to the easy pickings in the coop yards. Thus a grudge was born and perpetual open season on foxes began. Being that these people tended to also keep horses and hounds and maybe ran a still down yonder holler for medicinal squeezin’s or what-all a sport was invented. I think the guy with the biggest flask and baddest taste in clothes was elected head of the outfit. Ostensibly that red jacket made him an easier target to follow as they all galloped pell mell. I mean why go out and shoot a fox w

hen you can track it in the most circuitous and vociferous manner for an afternoon and then witness its unceremonious demise at the teeth of the dogs all woozy and knobby kneed astride your sweaty heaving sided equine? That’s fox hunting as far as I know.

Fast forward to modern times and everything pretty much is as it was then except nowadays foxes are largely left out of the equation and everyone – hounds too – follows the scented trail laid down by some poor sod chosen for the task who’s ment to drag a stinky bag hither and thither for the gang to lurch after later in the day. Of course this is an excellent time to practice diabolical orienteering. What with laymen buying their eggs from agri-congloms and all the vendetta has cooled, becoming less personal apparently.

Fox Seeking

Fox seeking is completely different. First off you’ll notie how not loud it is. You don’t need a posse, nor a passel of dogs, a flask, or even a horse – though including any or all of these is certainly acceptable though may cut into your chances of actually seeing a fox. The point with fox seeking isn’t to spook the furry orange wonder, but to catch a glimpse of something rare. You have to patient, and savvy to the ways of foxes. Or lucky. Or have a trampoline in your backyard.

Fox seeking entails forming a desire to find, discovering how to best your chances of being successful with that and then employing this knowledge going forth with your intentions. Seriously, this is how to accomplish anything creative. So I’ll go over those again.

  1. Discovering how to best your chances of being successful
    Maybe this is research, looking stuff up, watching instructional videos, reading books, asking experts, attending clinics, workshops, classes….
  2. Putting that knowledge to work intentionally
    Getting started, breaking through the barriet of not-doing to doing. This part stops a lot of people in their tracks. Maybe here is where they hear from others about how not successful they’re going to be, or how hard this kind of pursuit is – maybe these same negative thoughts are being self-generated; in any case they are non-productive and should be abolished or ignored if you want to get on with it.

Creative Consideration

Practice Fox Seeking in a way that pleases you. You know what would be ironic? Looking for a fox hunt to go watch or participate in. Not the killing kind, please. They do it in horsie areas. Otherwise go someplace where foxes live and see if you can find one. Or, last choice, decide to acquire some knowledge or learn some new skill and make the effort to do just that. Keep a log of your progress!

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