Happy Thoughts

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What? No Activity?

Usually I start each blog off with some sort of animal assisted activity designed to help illuminate a personal challenge in some new way. Today I’m breaking from that pattern just a bit and sharing a project I just finished. Because it was designed to help me focus using creative flow on just one theme I figured it fits as a stand alone for what we’re all about here!

Sure! It’s an All-In-One is all

All of the above sketches were done in the morning with a cup of coffee while still in bed, well before the day got off and running. They were created as a part of a Very Large Art Project coordinated by a group of enthusiasts in Brooklyn, New York. I’m including in our blog here at QuantumSparks because they illustrate just how quickly positive imagery can be – how unencumbered by technique – how off the cuff so to speak.

In the project I chose the theme “Happy Thoughts“, so each page is a little ditty done on something that when I think about it makes me happy. This is an excellent exercise for you too!

In today’s blog post the Activity and the Creative Consideration are one and the same. All you need to do is pick up a small inexpensive sketchbook and with a pencil have at it! Just complete the thing with a bunch of quick drawings about things that make you happy! No wait, I take that back – they don’t have to be drawings at all. You can also just fill the thing up with lists or cut outs of things that make you happy. The point is:

  1. to do it a little bit every day for upwards of a week
  2. to only include things that fill the bill

That’s it!

See the Originals!

To see my sketches in their full blown glory click here and an online flip book of the whole shebang will open in a new window.


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