Finding Unicorns Part 2

We left off from Finding Unicorns Part 1 – with you being just about ready to go thither and find unicorns. Below are some pointers for how this can be done.

On a trail or at a park:

  • sudden lull in sounds (birds and young children, if present, startled by unicorns)
  • a healed gash in a tree truck (old horn would – unis have been known to be a bit clumsy about this)
  • faint unaccounted for noises (whip your head around – one’s following you!)
  • a weird –but not creepy– sensation that you’re being watched (you are, you are)

In an urban setting

  • anywhere there are sparkles – sidewalks in front of old movie theaters, fountain splashes on the sidewalk, near little girls

  • the sudden flight of pigeons unassociated with loose dogs, loose boys or loud noises.
  • carved graffiti tags of a vaguely positive nature
  • outposts of hope (those Salvation Army holiday bell ringers are always surrounded by unicorns for starters)
  • soup kitchens

  • groovy coffee shops in blighted areas
  • artists’ spaces anywhere
  • planted plots
  • rescue facilities of any brand
  • poles with flyers attached to them

“Whoa! Hang on there. We thought you were going to show us how to find unicorns. You know, equine thingies with the one horn in the middle of the forehead sort of creature.”

unicorn racehorseYeah, ok, you’re right. What we’re going for here are ways to find their habitats, the places they hang out; the intersections of hope and the will to be, to thrive, to grow. Once there, you see, the unicorns find us! When we come at this search sideways like we are our luck increases exponentially because now we’re not seeking the physical embodiment of a being but it’s far more influential essence. So here’s the thing; unicorns as literal interpretations of themselves are at the very least impractical and at the most just some sort of equines with pointy sticks coming out of their foreheads. Kind of a one trick pony if you know what I mean. Not very interesting after a minute or two, and pretty dangerous almost immediately!

We’re going for something larger. Much larger.

Creating Unicorns

When we expect we will find unicorns we become surrounded by them wherever we are. We create unicorns by seeking them. That is the magic, the alchemy of hope. In its elemental forms optimism inspires possibilities of grand and enduring scale. It reaches depths of existence right into the quantum of what connects us to each other and everything else.


Habitats of Hope
Reflect on places in your own experience that could well be the natural habitat of hope and hence unicorns. List as many as you can. You don’t have to do this all in one sitting. Come back and add new thoughts as you go. See above for inspiration as to where to get started looking.

unicorn on a computer monitor


Acquire a unicorn charm object of one kind or another that is pleasing to you. Put the desire to find it ‘out there’ and see what shows up for you. This is applied unicorn thinking in action. You’re looking for the perfect symbol, so believe it will show up. Make notes of this process. Put it someplace you’re bound to see it every day to remind you of your success in finding unicorns and to get you thinking about finding more!
Using your super powers as a unicorn creator you will now turn ordinary equines into unicorns!

(Note: there is no such thing as an ordinary equine – that was a test). Oh and one more thing: Horses that are descended from unicorn lineage will have a whorl pattern on their forehead where a horn would be. Now you can spot true unis wherever you find horses!

whorl patter making ordinary horse a unicorn

A whorl where a horn would be identifies a horse from unicorn lineage

You’ll need:

  • horse magazine(s)
  • paper – something nice and stiff
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • optional – glitter!

Cut out regular horses and stick them to your nice stiff piece of paper. Then cut out separate horn shapes for each head and glue that in place. >viola!< instant unicorns! Add glitter as you see fit. Now put that baby somewhere you’ll notice it so you can remember how awesome you are – awesome enough to be able to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Now go out and do that in your head to everything around you that needs some magic.


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