Enjoy Like a Dog

Dogs are some of the most delightful optimists as ever bounded across the face of the earth. Plus they can be very clear about expressing themselves. Happiness, anticipation, joy, disappointment, excitement — we’ve all seen dogs acting out these emotions (whether they’re actually emoting or not is becoming less controversial as science catches up to actual life on this issue).

The way they naturally embody their impulses seems so healthy — so right! Their natural gusto for eating, playing, wandering, even sleeping, gives refreshing meaning to everything they turn their attention to.

Happy Sketch of a dog


“Enjoy Like a Dog”

React with joy and happiness to life’s simple pleasures.

  • Eat a cookie (or two or twenty). Nothing fancy, animal crackers would be perfect
  • Go for a walk – meander, explore, let your nose guide you, backtrack
  • Go for a ride – be a passenger, stick your nose out the window!
  • Greet friends and family effusively
  • Play ball with all your might
  • jump in a lake!
  • take a nap in the sun
  • wolf your food
  • follow your nose, smell every smell

Experience these ordinary delights with an enthusiasm usually reserved for our canine pals. Adopt their upbeat tone and sense of adventure through what might otherwise be rather mundane experiences.


  • Did doing things this way feel different? What were those differences?
  • Did you notice things you might not ordinarily? Like what?

If you adopted the Dog way of life how might you approach the following everyday situations?

  • your job
  • your housework
  • routine tasks
  • ordinary pleasures

Creative Consideration

Record your feelings and experiences when you’ve finished being Dog for the day. (Maybe you’re dog-tired!)


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