Size Wise

I have a very small equine; a miniature horse by the name of Iota McHippus. One of his many fun features is his small stature. It gets him into places regular sized horses wouldn’t dream of being invited — houses, book store, and so on. He is an inspiration to me because he is so very full of himself even though his physical package is quite small compared to the other horses he shares his life with.

small horse, miniature horse

Play with the Concept of Size


Size Wise

This activity then focuses on thinking about size.

  • Spend 10 minutes and envision yourself as 1/10th your current size. How would things change for you? How would objects appear? How would they feel?

Creative Consideration

Record your ideas in a notebook, Pay particular attention to things that stand out to you.
Make a sketch of what something you’re used to having around you might look like to you if it were all of a sudden ten times bigger to you!

Add your comments below and share any links to images you create as a result of this activity!


If you were much smaller than you are today – what sorts of activities would change for you?

How would those things change?

Could you do more? Less?


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